An urgent appeal to all members of the CPSP Community

05 Dec 2017 3:05 PM | Perry Miller, Editor (Administrator)

The current campaign to denigrate Muslims on the grounds that some Muslims have turned violent is reminiscent of the Nazi pogrom against the Jews. We must do all in our power to neutralize this perverse and irrational campaign. In fact Islam is a religion of peace just as is Christianity. 

At times in history Muslims have shown themselves to be even more generous and peaceable than Christians. In the time of  the Crusades, for example, Muslims often responded more peaceably under stress than the thuggish Crusaders who were invading the Middle East. 

The fact is that every religion harbors murderously violent persons such as those Muslims who brought down the World Trade Center. Christianity is no exception to such aberrations. 

Current attacks on Islam itself and on Muslims in general must be neutralized by us by every means possible. Every Muslim in this country surely now feels like the United States is increasingly an inhospitable place to live. We are called upon to reassert hospitality to our Muslim brothers and sisters in our respective communities.

And we are called upon do all in our power to embrace our Muslim colleagues in the CPSP community, and to express our solidarity with them. Anything less would be a betrayal of all that we stand for. 

This incipient war of Christians against Muslims is a despicable development in our country that must be neutralized to the extent that we are able by compassion and support of the Muslim communities in our midst from all members of the CPSP community.

Raymond J. Lawrence
General Secretary