A letter from CPSP Co-Presidents David Plummer and Ruth Zollinger to the CPSP community

07 Sep 2017 11:10 AM | Perry Miller, Editor (Administrator)

Dear CPSP Community,

With all of the natural disasters happening in our world at an alarming rate we cannot begin to imagine the full impact.  We hold you all, and especially those who are directly and immediately affected, and those of you deploying to serve at the location of theses events, in our hearts and thoughts.

Everyone deals with such devastating and traumatizing events with incomprehensible amounts of loss and grief.  As professional chaplains and pastoral counselors, listening to people’s stories is worth more than words can say.  Allowing the inconsolable to be heard is healing, listening conveys sympathy, and is a first step in helping someone heal.

We, as chaplains, are a sounding board to those in need, and we thank the chaplains who are responding at this time to the events of our world, whether it is the pending impact of Hurricanes Irma or José, the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, or the fires raging in Oregon, the quiet counsel we provide, the listening ears or the sympathetic presence, is more valuable than ever.

Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers, always.


Ruth Zollinger and Dave Plummer
CPSP Co-Presidents