CPSP Communications Committee announces podcasts available now on iTunes, GooglePlay, and more... -- by Perry Miller, Editor

07 May 2017 9:27 PM | Perry Miller, Editor (Administrator)

In June, 2016, the CPSP Communications Committee  announced Chaplaincy Alive!, a video podcast addressing issues of interest to those in the field of pastoral care and counseling.   Seven episodes have been released, covering a broad range of topics: trauma chaplaincy, social justice, and clinical chaplain training.  Since its inception the series has been viewed by over 1,500 unique visitors, watching some 9,100 minutes of  broadcast.  

Given the interest in the Chaplaincy Alive! series, the CPSP Communications Committee announces the addition of the audio podcasts of Chaplaincy Alive!, now available on your phone or tablet via iTunesGoogle Play, InTune (Amazon - Alexa) and podcast apps like Overcast. The subscription is free and it will allow you to listen-on-the-go, where ever life may take you!

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CPSP Communication Committee Chair, Perry Miller, spoke about the history of Chaplaincy Alive! and the development of the podcast:  "I’m ecstatic about Chaplaincy Alive! hosted by Susan McDougal and produced by Krista Argiropolis. CPSP’s Communication Committee is to be commended for its creative vision and continuing support for this significant contribution to important dialogue in the clinical pastoral field.  I searched for similar  podcast  and found nothing even close to the quality, depth and relevance of Chaplaincy Alive!"

"Chaplaincy Alive! is not supported  by grant money, CPSP budgeted money or the use of out-side 'experts'.  It remains true to CPSP’s commitment to 'travel light'. It was birthed by creative and committed CPSP members (of which CPSP has an abundance) who believe in CPSP and its unique mission and commitment to make a difference in the clinical pastoral field."

"In no way, however, is Chaplaincy Alive! solely a CPSP enterprise and only about CPSP. Frankly, I’m wearying of all the self-promotion and territory protection that is so prevalent in the major clinical training and certifying organizations in our field. It is time for all of us to rise above self promotion.  Chaplaincy Alive! produces in-depth interview podcast with all who are making significant contributions to the field of clinical chaplaincy, regardless of their organization affiliation. We hope Chaplaincy Alive! will inspire others to produce their podcast. Also, we welcome your ideas for future podcasts."

Two new episodes of Chaplaincy Alive! are now available, by video and audio podcast:

In episode 6, Host Susan McDougal talks with the Planning Committee about the opportunity and challenges they found in organizing the 2017 CPSP Plenary in Orlando, FL.  The local committee determined they would pull out all the stops to show the attendees of the 2017 Plenary, in their words, "a heapin' help of Southern hospitality." They succeeded, and it was by all measures an outstanding event.

In episode 7, Raymond Lawrence, CPSP General Secretary, talks candidly about the future of chaplaincy and pastoral care.  He also discusses his recent book, Nine Clinical CasesThe Soul of Pastoral Care and Counseling.  It’s a must read for all those in the field of Clinical Pastoral Counseling.  

The CPSP Communications Committee members are Perry Miller, Chair; Susan McDougal, David Roth, Missiouri McPhee, William Alberts, Charles Hicks, and Krista Argiropolis. 


Perry Miller, Editor and 
Chair, CPSP Communications Committee