A letter from our CPSP Co-Presidents: Ruth Zollinger and David Plummer

20 Apr 2017 8:00 AM | Perry Miller, Editor (Administrator)

Dear Members of CPSP and Friends,

The recent 2017 Plenary of the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy in Orlando, FL, is still very fresh in our memories, and we want to take this opportunity to publicly acknowledge the Local Planning Committee in Orlando for their dedication and spirited energy. 

From the plethora of logistics for this event registration, hospitable accommodations, and even to providing nourishing meals in the hospitality room - everything went smoothly and was accomplished without breaking stride.  We offer our sincere gratitude and heartfelt admiration to Missiouri McPhee, Jacob Cuthbert, III, Arnold Porter, Richard Smith, John Williams, and Scott Fleming for their dedicated and unprecedented level of service. We also thank Raymond Lawrence, General Secretary, Krista Argiropolis, Administrative Coordinator, and Charles Hicks, Administrator and Legal Counsel, for their work and support of this event. 

We congratulate and welcome CPSP’s newly Board Certified Clinical Chaplains, Pastoral Counselors, Diplomates, Clinical Fellows in Hospice and Palliative Care, those beginning as supervisors-in-training, and our newly accredited training centers. We stand ready to assist you in your professional and personal growth as members of a vibrant CPSP community.  

During our time together at the Plenary, there were separate meeting spaces for board certified clinicians and Diplomates to address matters of concern amongst like professionals.  

At the Board Certified Clinicians' meeting, issues were raised relating to chapter life, chapter membership, and certification. Candid discussion of these issues spurred energetic collaboration.  Those who attended left with valuable information that they may share with their chapter members. 

Similarly, the Diplomates discussed their obligations to be bearers of truth and tradition. They also discussed the importance of quality supervision, the quality of chapters and chapter life They discussed their need to participate regularly in national clinical training seminars and other CPSP events. There was a stimulating conversation referencing the Covenant’s declaration that, “…even the institution of CPSP itself must be carefully monitored lest it take on an idolatrous character....” Given CPSP’s expansion, Diplomates want to encourage CPSP to insure we are raising up new CPE Supervisors to fill the demand. 

We believe that their meetings were very thought provoking and we hope that there is space at our next Plenary for the conversations by both groups to continue. 

We look forward to collaborative and creative leadership, as we work to address the needs of our vibrant, diverse, and growing community.  We invite you to share your thoughts with us, and we have an email address now, CoPres@cpsp.org, that will send your emails to both of our inboxes. 

We look forward to serving you.


David Plummer & Ruth Zollinger
CPSP Co-Presidents