Thank You Note from the 27th Plenary Host Committee

30 Mar 2017 9:13 AM | Perry Miller, Editor (Administrator)

Richard Smith, John Williams, Missiouri McPhee, and Scott Fleming(left to right: Richard Smith, John Williams, Missiouri McPhee, and Scott Fleming)

Dear CPSP Community:

Please allow us to take a moment of your frenzied day to take the opportunity to express our profound appreciation for the privilege you afforded us in hosting our 27th Annual Plenary in Orlando, FL.

Understanding the trials and triumphs associated with the work of our colleagues, we were intentional about creating a nurturing and caring environment; one conducive to collegiality, leisure, and above all, renewal of spirit. We had an awesome time hosting you, and truly enjoyed making meaningful connections with each of you. This Plenary has caused us to view CPSP not just as a cadre of colleagues who gather together to exchange ideas and information, but as family that is supportive of each other. Our lives are richer for you having passed through it.

It is our sincere hope that we not only met, but exceeded your expectations in creating an unparalleled plenary experience. We look forward to seeing you all in Oakland, CA in 2018.

Continuing in the tradition of “recovery of soul”, we remain,
Serving with Gladness, 

The 27th Annual Plenary Host Committee
Scott Fleming
Missiouri McPhee
Arnold Porter
Richard Smith 
John Williams, Sr.