A Holiday Message -- by Perry Miller, Editor

23 Dec 2016 6:37 AM | Krista Argiropolis (Administrator)

This special season is dedicated to declarations that give expression to the best of the human spirit such as, "light that shines in the darkness", "good will to all", "peace on earth", etc. 

It is a season when we want to hold love ones close, remember those we loved but lost, notice the homeless beggar on the corner with genuine compassion in our hearts. We want to give to agencies that feed the hungry and serve the desperate souls who live in the margins of life, relationships and love. Even TV ads that reminds us that abused and abandoned dogs and cats need our help and care touch cords of compassion.

It is a tender season. It opens our hearts to both hurt and love. 

Ultimately this season reminds us how desperately we need love and we need to give our love as the core of life that gives meaning and purpose to our being in this world as fragile yet courageous creatures on this earth. 

Be of good spirit!


Perry Miller, Editor
perry miller@gmail.com