Improvements to the CPSP Certification Process and Forms -- by Jonathan Freeman, Chair, Certification Committee

22 Sep 2016 4:49 PM | Krista Argiropolis (Administrator)

In an effort to improve the certification experience, the CPSP Certification Committee has worked to make changes to the process that will help to support our certification candidates and organize the way we share information.  

The most significant change in the certification process is the streamlining and merger of the forms that we used in the past, the Chapter Recommendation for Certification Form and the certification facesheet, into one form.  The new forms are on the website at CPSP.ORG, under the Certification menu.

Our most recent edition of the Standards includes a review process for all Supervisors-in-Training, Training Supervisors-in-Training, and Training Supervisors.  The revised forms include the required materials for these categories.  Note that Supervisors-in-Training and Training Supervisors-in-Training will, in addition to the requirements at the Chapter level, be required to consult with the Certification Committee to determine readiness to begin training.  The consultation with the Certification Committee will occur via Zoom video conferencing.  Those seeking to be certified as a Training Supervisor would complete the certification process including the review with a Certification Review Panel at one of its scheduled reviews.  

All documents and interaction regarding certification are located on the website at  All candidates and chapters are encouraged to review these resources well in advance of a candidate's certification process.  It is the candidate's responsibility to know the steps involved in their process and it is the chapter's role to assist the candidate with ongoing consultation regarding the candidate's preparation for certification.

A centralized and shared Dropbox folder will still be utilized in the certification process, and candidates should be aware that their supporting documents should now be submitted as one document, a pdf, to their folder (similar to the submitting of an academic research paper).  This is to help streamline the review process and to keep the files manageable for the review panels.

In addition to online certification forms and the centralizing of the Dropbox folders, members of the Certification Committee have recently completed the first CPSP Certification Manual, a resource manual for candidates, conveners, and Chapters.  The committee has spent many hours reviewing documents, forms, and articles to provide this first addition of the manual.  

As CPSP utilizes this process, updates our governance documents and forms, we will also update the manual.  This is a working document.  We hope you find the new manual helpful and we welcome your feedback.   


Jonathan Freeman
Chair, Certification Committee