Announcing CPSP's new podcast, Chaplaincy Alive! -- by Perry Miller, Editor and Communications Committee Chair

20 Sep 2016 9:08 PM | Krista Argiropolis (Administrator)

Chaplaincy Alive! is a new podcast production by the CPSP Communications Committee, featuring the work and expertise of the members of CPSP, as well as distinguished members of the broader clinical pastoral community and beyond.

Communications Committee Chair, Perry Miller, says, “The creation of Chaplaincy Alive! is an exciting venture.

As strange as it might sound, the CPSP Communication Committee does not want CPSP to own this podcast as our very own. Equally, it is not to be a public relations promotional tool for CPSP. It is not in CPSP’s well being nor that of the wider clinical pastoral community to create a CPSP silo that might further separate the various clinical pastoral organizations and the valuable work and ministry of those under their umbrellas who offer care and counseling to the many who are disturbed in life and relationships.

We plan to work hard to make it a forum for all clinical pastoral organization and those in other fields such as the humanities and social sciences who have exciting ideas, creative visions, life stories, etc. that have the potential of advancing the whole clinical pastoral movement.”

Susan McDougal, CPE Supervisor at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, will be the host of Chaplaincy Alive! Krista Argiropolis provides the role of the show’s producer.

The first episode of Chaplaincy Alive! features four chaplains from Orlando, FL discussing their experience, thoughts, and emotions, as they provided response to the tragic shooting at a local night club, earlier this summer.

Chaplaincy Alive! host, Susan McDougal, says, “This interview highlights the work of CPSP chaplains who responded to the Orlando tragedy, the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. It is important for all of us who work in this field to hear them.”

Contact Krista Argiropolis, Administrative Coordinator and/or podcast host, Susan McDougal to provide feedback and ideas for the podcast. 

Chaplaincy Alive! is produced in both an audio and video format, and will be available on iTunes for download to your favorite podcast application soon.


Perry Miller, Editor
Communications Committee Chair