Asha Swims -- by Perry Miller, Editor

14 Aug 2016 9:40 PM | Krista Argiropolis (Administrator)

A member of our CPSP family achieved an extraordinary accomplishment this past Saturday. Asha Allen successfully swam across the English Channel. This she did in thirteen hours, 3 minutes, in Force 5 conditions! 

Obviously Asha has a love of swimming and is extraordinarily talented. It takes a lot of courage and joy to engage in such an adventure There is more to her story, however. What else drives her to embark upon such a journey, a journey that some would think impossible? It is her caring heart. I quote from her website, AshaSwims: 

In 2014, Asha and her husband David Roth, working alongside local people, made a specific commitment to help support elderly widows in the village of San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala, with their dietary and other basic subsistence needs. These are women who suffered greatly and lost much during a civil war that took the lives of hundreds of thousands, especially the men.  

Her website provides further information about this human tragedy and about people who desperately need help. 

I hope you will send Asha your congratulations, consider contributing to the cause for which she swims and offer good vibes to her supportive husband, David Roth. 


Contact Asha via her website: AshaSwims

Perry Miller, Editor