Thoughts About Orlando -- by Raymond J. Lawrence, General Secretary

14 Jun 2016 6:59 PM | Perry Miller, Editor (Administrator)

The news from Orlando reminds us that homophobia is a religious and psychological blight that those us in the healing professions must continue to address, for the good of the whole community. 

Orlando also reminds us that some of our our political   leaders shamefully want to put this terrible incident on the backs of the Muslim community, which would be a disgraceful injustice to them. Adolph Hitler followed the political axiom, if one tells a lie often enough, it will be taken as truth. We cannot allow our Muslim brothers and sisters to be shamed by this terrible lie.

Finally, this country is alone in all the world in allowing ordinary citizens to procure instruments of mass murder, such as assault weapons.  We must use what influence we may have to put an immediate stop to this.

Raymond J. Lawrence
General Secretary