Report from the Philippines -- By Raymond J. Lawrence, CPSP General Secretary

09 Dec 2015 11:34 PM | Perry Miller, Editor (Administrator)

Front and Center: Dr. Paul Tabon, President of the Board of Trustees of CPSP-Philippines and Raymond J. Lawrence, CPSP General Secretary 

Clinical Training is alive and well in Philippines. Some  twenty-five persons gathered in Baguio City for official business and for seminars over a three-day period in November.

Supervisors-in-Training, and trainees at various levels gathered to present their clinical cases. I heard later that they were all very nervous, though they each seem quite well-composed to me. A dozen cases were presented. Cases coming from villages and cities of the Philippines have generally speaking a more earthy quality than what we are used to from American general hospital patients. 

CPSP signed an agreement with CPSP Philippines (CPSP PI) composed by Charles Hicks whereby Filipinos are permitted to organize their own professional life according to what best fits the Philippines. They will do their own certifications and accreditations, and generally organize their own corporate life as best befits their culture. Every two years they will consult with CPSP leadership on their pr ogress, and CPSP USA will assure that they generally follow the basic values of CPSP.

Persons certified by CPSP PI will not be permitted to practice supervision or pastoral psychotherapy outside the boundaries of the Philippines. If an individual certified in the Philippines intends to practice in the U.S., that individual must meet a relevant CPSP review committee prior to working in the U.S.

This agreement allows persons in the Philippines to move forward with their work without being burdened by committees and oversight from the other side of the globe. Since the beginning of the work of CPSP in the Philippines, this burden has handicapped indigenous work. We believe this new agreement liberates Filipinos to move on a more self-directed path. We wish them godspeed.

Raymond J. Lawrence, CPSP General Secretary