Two Kinds of Group Relations Opportunities at NCTS this Fall-- By Jack Lampl and Howard Friedman

04 Oct 2015 3:00 PM | Perry Miller, Editor

East and West National Clinical Training Seminars this fall will offer two different Group Relations Events:

“Roles, Boundaries, and Vulnerability in Care-Providing Institutions” and

“Leadership and Membership in Diverse Organizations”

In our ongoing program to expose CPSP members to the Group Relations methodology -- a foundational resource for all pastoral caregivers -- we are offering two Group Relations events this Fall, one at the National Clinical Training Seminar (NCTS)-West and one at NCTS-East. 

Jack Lampl

The West Coast event in Sacramento, CA, October 18-20, is a full residential conference which is the basic method of learning and experiencing group relations work in a deeply transformational way. Of great value to all pastoral caregivers, participating in such a conference is a requirement for all supervisors-in-training.

("Conference" as used in Group Relations describes an intensive experiential workshop of three or more days in length. It is not a conference as typically understood that would feature topical speakers and panel discussions.)

Howard Friedman

The East Coast event in Morristown, NJ, November 2-3, will provide four hours of the experiential events included in a group relations conferences and some didactic elements.  The program is a learning opportunity, and may serve as an introduction to aspects of group relations work.  

Both events are staffed by experienced group relations consultants affiliated with the A. K. Rice Institute.

See the links below for more information about the two different events.

West Coast Conference “Roles, Boundaries, and Vulnerability in Care-Providing Institutions”

East Coast Program “Leadership and Membership in Diverse Organizations”



Jack Lampl, past president of the AK Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems and GREX, the West Coast AK Rice affiliate

Howard Friedman, president, New York Center for the Study of Groups and Social Systems, the New York AK Rice affiliate