28 Sep 2015 8:37 PM | Perry Miller, Editor

A Group Relations Program at the NCTS Conference

The National Clinical Training Seminar - East will meet November 2 - 3, 2015 at the Loyola Retreat Center, Morristown, New Jersey. The Theme is: Leadership and Membership in Diverse Organizations.

This program provides opportunities for experiential, didactic and reflective learning. A  group relations lens is the starting point for our work together.  The program will move through several types of group meetings.  

Program Events

Opening gathering & presentation:  As the initial event of the program, the Opening involves all members and staff.  The Program Director will introduce the task, provide a brief theoretical framework for our work, and review the events.  Consulting staff will introduce themselves.   

Preview and Review Application Groups: These smaller discussion groups have two tasks. The first task (Preview Group) is to begin working toward an understanding of the program as a whole, while locating oneself within the program system. The second task (Review Group) is to begin the process of applying program learning to back-home situations.  Each group will work with one consultant. 

The Large Study Group: All members and staff of the program will meet together in a here and now format. The primary task is for members to study their own behavior as it occurs and evolves.  The Large Study Group meets in a configuration where face-to-face contact is difficult, if not impossible. The formation includes inner, middle and outer rings of participants. Members are free to explore questions about leadership and authority, membership and participation, sub-group formation, issues of social identity, as they emerge.  

Program Discussion: This brief event, following the second Large Study Group, provides members and staff an opportunity to reflect together on our experience.  A goal of the Program Discussion is to construct a group as a whole picture of our learning, from the full program.  


Howard A. Friedman, PhD, Program Director. Psychologist, clinical practice and organizational consultation; Adjunct Faculty, Department of Applied Psychology, New York University; President, New York Center, A.K. Rice Institute; Fellow, A.K. Rice Institute.

Frank Marrocco, PhD, Consultant. Clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst, and organizational consultant. Faculty and co-chair LGBT Study Group & Clinical Service, William Alanson White Institute of Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis & Psychology.  Vice President, New York Center, A. K. Rice Institute; Board Member, A. K. Rice Institute.

 Kimberley A. Turner, PhD, M.Div., Consultant.  Associate Minister, Metropolitan Baptist Church, Washington, DC; Program Manager, D.C. Department of Health; Past President, the Washington-Baltimore Center for the Study of Group Relations, and Associate, A.K. Rice Institute. 

Download: NCTS-East Registration Form

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