EDITOR'S NOTE: Grandparenting Track Offered by Commission on Accreditation of Pastoral and Psychotherapy Training

18 Sep 2015 12:02 AM | Anonymous

The Pastoral Report took notice of a recent news release posted on the Commission for the Accreditation of Pastoral and Psychotherapy Training (CAPPT) website that is relevant to all CPSP Clinical Pastoral Education and Pastoral Psychotherapy training centers. 

CAPPT is offering a grandparenting path to all CPSP training centers accredited prior to the founding of CAPPT.

Read below:

Commission for the Accreditation of Pastoral and Psychotherapy Training (CAPPT)

To Implement Grandparenting Review of CPSP Accredited Training Programs.

Brian H. Childs, Chair of the Board of Trustees of CAPPT, announced a grandparenting program for CPSP training programs accredited by CPSP prior to the founding of CAPPT as an independent accrediting agency. At its August meeting the CAPPT board came to a consensus to review all CPSP accredited programs accredited from 2011 through March of 2015. A positive review of such training programs will result in CAPPT accreditation for the remainder of the training program seven (7) year status of accreditation. Every training program must be re-evaluated according to the Accreditation Manual after a seven year term.

The CAPPT review will consist of a thorough review of a training program’s site visit report and other supporting documents. The materials will be provided to CAPPT by the CPSP Accreditation Team. The review will entail an evaluation of how the programs adhere to the letter and spirit of the standards for training and other requirements as found in the Accreditation Manual. CAPPT will not evaluate programs that do not supply all of the required documents. Currently there are ten (10) programs under grandparenting review.

CAPPT is offering a unique but time limited opportunity for CPSP training centers.

Perry Miller, Editor