Open Access to Robert C. Dykstra's Article,
"Guardians of Childhood, Sentinels of Soul" on Pastoral Psychology

Introduction by Bill Scar, Editor


Clinical Chaplains and Pastoral Psychotherapists face daily challenges to their best skills and their very sanity. Ministry in the settings where we serve is both increasingly complex and painfully raw to experience. The pastoral clinicians who are members of the CPSP deserve to have every possible resource available to them. 

Newsflash! While we wait for the angels to bring us the help that we need, you and I are in charge of maintaining our own sanity, which is harder and harder to do. 

Raymond Lawrence reminded me to look again at the keynote address by Dr. Robert Dykstra at our 2020 Plenary. I agree with him about the importance of every one of us experiencing that address again. Dykstra leads us in the most entertaining and challenging ways to find healing by returning to that landmark moment in each of our lives when we knew who we really were and felt peace in our souls. 

Our Chapters are intended to be the places where we can be attended to and receive both accountability and encouragement. Discussing Dykstra’s address in our Chapters can be refreshing and enlightening. Be sure to download the pdf. 

Read and taste every bit of it, and you will not be disappointed. 

Bill Scar, Editor  
[email protected]


Guardians of Childhood, Sentinels of Soul
by Robert C. Dykstra

 Citation: Dykstra, R.C. Guardians of Childhood, Sentinels of Soul. Pastoral Psychol (2022).