Thank you, Veterans - From the CPSP Community

Veterans Day 2021

by Bill Scar, Editor

Today is the annual federal holiday for honoring all veterans who served in the United States Armed Forces. There are an estimated 20 million veterans in the United States, with veterans from the Vietnam War making up the largest group, at over seven million veterans. In addition, there are over five million veterans who served during the Gulf War Era.

All too often, Veterans Day gets overlooked on our yearly calendars. And then we forget that, in fact, we are ALL veterans. We especially honor those who serve in the military uniform and place their lives on the line every day. We honor those who serve behind the lines in the military and strive to make our efforts effective and assure that the front-line people have the support they need and deserve. Within our membership in CPSP, we honor our veterans, some of whom are still active military or in the military reserves. These chaplains answered the call to serve our country and took an oath to defend it.

In respect and recognition of the contributions our veterans have made, we thank them for their service and everything they have given to preserve our liberty and democracy through their commitment and dedication. And we forget that we are all affected and that our courageous veterans are doing their best to protect all of us. We have a stake in everything they do, and our hearts and fears live with them… unless we take them all for granted.

Veterans Day is just one way to assure that we never take for granted the valiance of the millions of patriots who make our lives safer and keep our opportunities firmly before us. And as we do this, we are indeed giving thanks to those who had gone before and served faithfully and made the ultimate sacrifice of their lives.

Bill Scar, Editor
Pastoral Report
[email protected]



A few veterans who are also members of CPSP, pictured above, left to right: 

Row #1: George Akins (Hopewell, NJ Chapter); Tony Andrews (Nautilus Pacific, CA Chapter); and Bob Griffin (Atlanta, GA Chapter)

Row #2: Dominic Fuccillo (Chapel Hill, NC Chapter, emeritus); and Ed Luckett, Jr. (Phoenix, AZ)

Row #3: Juan Loya (Alamo San Antonio, TX); Joanne Martindale (Nautilus Pacific, CA); and David Plummer (Charlotte, NC)

(Photos used with permission.)