empty stockings

The Empty Stocking

Poem by The Reverend Beverly White

(c) December 10, 2021
There’s an empty stocking hanging by the fireplace this year;
no candy, no nuts, no gift.
There’s an empty feeling in my heart.
This year without you here, my dear…

You brought so much laughter.
You gave us so much love.
What do we do now,
that you’re gone up above?

This Christmas, we will not leave your stocking empty.
Even though you are not here,
we’ll fill your stocking with
precious memories of you.

We will laugh, and we may even shed a tear.
But we will never leave your stocking empty;
we will never not say your name.

We will never forget the love you gave,
even though Christmas will never be the same.
We’ll have our usual Christmas dinner, turkey, dressing, and ham.
But you get to sit at the table with the Great I Am.

Yes, you’ll get to sit with Jesus.
You will sing with the heavenly choir.
You can be among the host of angels,
which was your heart’s desire.

No, you won’t be with us in person;
that will take some getting used to.
But your stocking will not be empty.
We will fill it with precious memories of you.



Beverly White


Beverly White is a Board Certified
Associate Clinical Chaplain/Pastoral Counselor
and member of the Little Rock, AR Chapter.
She can be reached at [email protected].




Editor's note: Expression is the language of the soul, and poetry is analogous to some of the best pastoral care we ever do. In training, we employ verbatim and taping in order to sense the process of the care being provided. And yes, some of it feels like poetry of and for the soul. – Bill Scar, Editor