Caring Energy

Bill Scar, Editor

After I finished my preparations to honor my loved ones on Mother’s Day, I put some thoughts in writing that will hopefully encourage more discussion in our Chapters. 

I was one of the fortunate folks who had a present and loving woman who raised me in partnership with a man who loved her and me and provided a role model for respecting women. I realize I am thinking about the dynamics of their behavior towards me and each other, not whether they were male and female or my biological parents—the Caring Energy. 

My conclusion is once again that we continually need these dynamics in our lives, not only during the years when we are immediately dependent on others for survival, education, and nurture. And we most benefit when Caring Energy is multi-valent, as in, coming from more than one source at the same time. Having a stereotypical loving female mother and loving male father is just one example, not a standard to be arbitrarily imposed as “right” versus alternatives judged to be perverted or unworthy. Yes, on Mother’s Day, we primarily focus on particular women and try to balance the cultural ceremony with more than symbolic effort and not expect them to clean up after the messes we have made. The next day most people move on to other regular duties, and the moms and “maternal figures” resume whatever they have faithfully done without fanfare. What about the Caring Energy?

The politics of these times, and the revelations of the battles again to be fought, are painful distractions from our respect for the spirits and Caring Energy that are not distributed according to arbitrary descriptive labels. We are distracted from honoring the persons, whoever they are, who embody God’s grace and Caring Energy wherever and whenever it is needed. Caring Energy is not straight, gay, trans, bi, married, Protestant, white, etc., or confined to any labels. BUT, but, it is the target of evil in every form, and more battles loom ahead for us who celebrate that all Caring Energy, however, expressed and whoever expresses it, is God with us. You already understand that in your heart. 

MY point at this moment is that Chapter Life is indeed a place where multi-valent Caring Energy is needed and can be truly effective in the journeys of all of us. Accountability, healing, forgiveness, validation, re-parenting, compassion, learning, safety, and even appropriate physical touch…these are all manifestations of the Caring Energy that we need to empower in regular Chapter Life in the CPSP. 

Our primary cognate groups in the field of professional clinical pastoral care, the ACPE and the APC, are each in different ways trying to create ways and means to bring their members the very blessings and experiences that the CPSP has provided from its inception through the fundamentals of Chapter Life. More than ever, we must cherish and strengthen this central aspect of our life and service in the College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy. 

Bill Scar