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The CPSP Pastoral Report Continues to Grow

by Bill Scar, Editor


Bill Scar, EditorWe are responding to our readers’ requests, the changing times, and the needs of our ministries, with some evolutionary changes at The PASTORAL REPORT. The goal is to become more “professional” in a number of ways and incorporate more aspects of a journal for our membership and others. 

We will be limiting the use of “blast emails” which can appear disorganized and diffuse the significance of our messages. They will be limited to special cases and matters of particular urgency within our community. 

We WANT feedback, which can be about ways to improve The PR, reactions to articles or other information you have received, or observations about the way you see the CPSP developing either at your own chapter level or within the actions of the leadership chapters. We do ask that the spirit you bring be constructive. 

We will be gradually rescheduling the publication of The PR so that you receive each edition on or about Thursday morning each week. My hope is that you will be looking forward to regularly receiving The PASTORAL REPORT in your inbox on Thursday. 

We also hope that The PR can become a learning tool. We are blessed to have a diverse membership, and we bring diverse skills, wisdom, and expertise to our ministries. For example, I would want to know what aspect of your religious tradition is especially effective with patients in your care? It could be a doctrine or a particular religious or cultural practice that could be worthwhile for others to learn from and apply as we strive to listen and be present in our ministries. 

We ask for your patience and support as we implement these new dimensions to The PR. 


Bill Scar, Editor
[email protected]