Remembering Gene Allen

by Raymond J. Lawrence, General Secretary


Gene Allen as we knew him, or as his obituary reads, “the Rev. Dr. Colonel Eugene E. Allen,” died on February 11. I would like to extend condolences to his family and to those in our community who were close to him in his late years.
Gene was a long-time member of the College of Pastoral Supervisor and Psychotherapy (CPSP) and was a certified Supervisor and Pastoral Psychotherapist. He joined us in the very early years and became a dear personal friend of mine. I experienced him as a wise contributor to our community and a consistently gracias and forthcoming person. I met Gene when each of us served on certification committees. Gene was greatly shaped by his experience as an Army Chaplain and had many tales to tell about what he had learned about people in the stress of warfare. In my experience, he was consistently a big-hearted and generous guy.
Gene served with the armed forces in Vietnam in the 1960s. As I recall he was under fire at least twice. He was awarded the Bronze Star for heroism under fire. Later on, he was seriously injured when he came under fire while conducting a Christmas service. He suffered injuries to his eyes and ears, and feet, inhibiting his mobility for the rest of his life.

Gene lived most of his later life in San Antonio and I saw little of him, to my regret.
In recent years Gene was not active in CPSP. He had mainly become immobile and spent his later years in a military retirement facility where it is said that his wife visited every day for the evening meal and companionship.
Gene was one of those great spirits who lived among us in the CPSP community. He helped fill our community with love, care, and wisdom. He is greatly missed.

Raymond J. Lawrence
General Secretary, CPSP
[email protected]