Our History and Our Future Come Together

We are excited to announce the new publication of documents in the coming days and months that are significant for the future of the CPSP. 

The PASTORAL REPORT will first republish a 2011 essay from our esteemed historian Robert Powell, MD, PhD, entitled, "Tolerance and Encouragement: Within a Covenant of Mutual Accountability". Its insights are timely for the very challenges we are facing today, and this will be accompanied by current responses from two authors who are representative of our membership. 

In the weeks and months following our March 2022 Plenary, the CPSP PRESS will begin publishing a series of seven volumes prepared by Dr. Powell. These seven volumes include many of his writings from his decades of study and reflection on the history of the pastoral care movement and its impact on the needs of persons who are isolated and in crisis. Some of these documents are reprints, and many will be new to you. However, all of these volumes will advance our training efforts and stress the fundamental forces that influence our chaplaincy and pastoral psychotherapy ministries. 

Please join me in looking forward to reading these upcoming documents and strengthening our understanding in furtherance of our mission. 

Bill Scar, Editor  

Bill Scar, Editor
[email protected]