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Clinical Pastoral Training, Education, and Transformation
The First 50 Years (1925-75) of Learning through Supervised Encounter
with Living Human Documents
(second edition)
by Robert Charles Powell



Robert Charles Powell, MD, PhDRobert Charles Powell’s classic publication, Clinical Pastoral Education: Fifty Years of Learning through Supervised Encounter with 'Living Human Documents', is reprised and expanded in this first volume of his collected writings, works that span his career of fifty-two years.  

In October 1975, I attended his presentation of this work at the Annual Conference of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education in Minneapolis. Having just begun my own training in chaplaincy supervision, I was powerfully impacted by his grasp of the life and career of Anton T. Boisen, the founder of the clinical pastoral chaplaincy movement. Powell’s brief but superb introduction to the history of professional chaplaincy should be a centerpiece of every chaplain's first unit of supervised clinical work.  

Dr. Powell documents the crucial conceptual, organizational, and financial support of Mrs. Ethyl Phelps Stokes Hoyt that fostered two dimensions of the pastoral care, counseling, and psychotherapy movement: Boisen’s early formation and structuring of professional chaplaincy through the Council for Clinical Training, and Helen Flanders Dunbar’s research into the relation of emotions – religious and otherwise – to human healing and wholeness, culminating in her unique contributions to psychosomatic theory.  

In this volume, Powell's glimpses into the history of clinical chaplaincy grace his introductions of Rodney Hunter and Edward Thornton as distinguished theologian recipients of the Helen Flanders Dunbar Award for Significant Contributions to the Clinical Pastoral Field. 

The volume closes with two brief essays on clinical pastoral care in India and South Africa, suggesting the consequences of extending a clinical pastoral approach to all of healthcare – to the patients, the staff, and the wider community.  

Clinical Pastoral Training, Education, and Transformation: The First 50 Years... is available on Amazon in hardcover ($16.99), paperback ($14.99), and Kindle ($9.99). 

–David M. Franzen, Th.M., D.Min.
  Editor, CPSP Press
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