Bill Scar, Editor with his Oldsmobile Omega Rocket


A Privilege and An Honor

by Bill Scar, Editor


It is a true privilege and an honor to succeed Perry Miller as editor of the Pastoral Report. I hope this introduction is the very last time I will bore any of you. 

Communication and promotion in many forms have been central to my career and my life. My grandfather was an author and head of the English department at the same college where my mother was a music professor and choral director. Coming from three generations of clergy, seminary professors, and ministers of music, I saw people find the means to laugh, scream, and take the challenges of ministry seriously while adhering to the standards I thought I could never live up to. I finally learned to listen to them. 

My career has been in Pastoral Psychotherapy and agency development and supervision. I clawed my way into adulthood in the ‘60s, getting a degree in Fine Arts, and to pay for my wayward journeys, I sold real estate and used cars. Now I have a ranch and restore muscle cars, and still celebrate my patients and their hopes. I am a CPSP Diplomate and Past-President. Additionally, I am an AAMFT Approved Supervisor, an ACPE Psychotherapist and Trainer, and a former AAPC Diplomate and AGPA member.

I believe in the importance of our professional guilds for the incubation and development of women and men for the professional ministries of pastoral care and psychotherapy. My devotion to the CPSP is all about our commitment to fundamental principles of nurture and ongoing accountability that places CPSP, ethically and relationally, at the forefront of professional pastoral caregiving. We engage one another around a Covenant that prescribes accountability and responsibility in pastoral care with our suffering sisters and brothers. 

We are foremost an intentional community, and such an enterprise requires more effort and resources than we first realize. Pastoral Report is one of those essential resources, a liquid space where news and views are exchanged, and we can provoke the best in one another. As your new Editor, I will seek to assure that every CPSP member believes that they have a voice in our precious guild of those blessed (and sometimes cursed) to serve amid the pain and fears of being alive; I take seriously who we are. 

And there must also always be room for the irreverence that gives meaning to reverence. Somewhere at the edge of taking ourselves too seriously is the spirituality that we crave and claim for our work… because whatever we do, it is not all up to us… It never was, never will be. 

So let’s get on with it. Your colleagues and I want to hear from you. Pastoral Report will evolve in response to the gifts in all of us. 

Bill Scar, Editor
[email protected]