Solms Neuropsychoanalysis Study Group Starts on October 25

Professor Mark Solms, PhDA weekly online learning group leading up to Mark Solms’ joining us in person next March at the 2023 CPSP Plenary begins on Tuesday, October 25. There is no cost to participate.

Professor Solms is the world-renowned psychoanalyst and neuroscientist known for discovering the brain mechanism of dreaming. He also coined the term “neuropsychoanalysis” and is the leading figure in the emerging field that Freud once only dreamed of, combining the discoveries of modern day, cutting-edge brain science and psychoanalysis. 

The purpose of our study group is to better understand what Freud called Seelenapparat – literally “the apparatus of the soul” in German – a word that is consistently translated into English as “mind.”  Our specific aim is to raise the bar on the quality of our own work, to enhance, refine and improve the fields of clinical chaplaincy, pastoral counseling, pastoral psychotherapy and pastoral supervision in light of developments over the last two-plus decades.

The group will meet via Zoom on Tuesday evenings for 90 minutes starting at 8:30 PM Eastern / 5:30 PM Pacific Time. It will be facilitated by David Roth and others with previous neuropsychoanalysis training. No prior knowledge of neuropsychoanalysis is required. 

Each week we will discuss a video, article or book chapter with our own work in mind. 

The first six weeks will follow the contents of Solms’ free online course “What Is a Mind?” To sign up, click the link .  Choose the FREE “Sign up for limited access” link or “Buy this Course” (if you want a certificate of completion and on-going access to the content).

To prepare for the first group meeting, participants should watch Week One of “What Is a Mind?”

For a three-minute video that introduces Mark Solms and connects “breath” (what some of us learned in Greek as “pneuma”) to the mind or “apparatus of the soul,” click here. To hear a story from his childhood about Sunday School and how he got into his life’s work as both a neuroscientist and a psychoanalyst (and now the authorized translator of a new complete edition of Freud’s writings), you’ll have to watch the first video in the “What is a Mind?” course.

To sign up to join the group, email: [email protected] and enter the word Access in the Subject line. By doing so you will be sent the group’s Zoom link. 

[Photo caption: Professor Mark Solms, PhD]